Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Candy Chapsticks Anyone?

My candy-chapstick craze began a while ago when I was a Junior in high school. My best friend had three chapsticks: a Vanilla Coke, a Dr. Pepper, and a Mountain Dew one. I wasn't much into chapstick besides the occasional swipe of [insert generic brand here] chapstick when my lips were cracked and all but bleeding. Luckily, I never really had dry lip problems when I was younger and lived in a warmer place.

Anyway, my friend had these three chapsticks and she knew I absolutely loved Vanilla Coke so she gave me that chapstick. I loved it, not only because it did taste and smell like Vanilla Coke, but also because it was just so freakin' cute. It really grew on me. But it wasn't until years later that I began buying more and more of the candy themed chapsticks. I bought a whole bunch of them....I think I have around 50 now. Isn't that insane? They're relatively cheap, so I never really felt bad buying one or two every other week. Hehe! They're just so cute, I can't help looking at them and using them.

They're not for everyone though. What does everyone think? :)

---This photo isn't one of my chapsticks, I'll post those soon though. I just found it on Disclaimed.

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