Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The First Post of a Fabulous Blog!

This is going to be a fantastic blog.

How can it not be? If this blog was a person, it would be a six-foot-seven drag queen, covered in rhinestones, leopard fur, and seventeen pounds of M.A.C cosmetics. In short, fabulous.

I've always wanted to write a blog about what I love most in this life...those little cupcakes life gives us that make us squeal in adoration becuase of how freakin' cute and clever they freakin' are. I think I utter the descriptive "cute" around three thousand times a day, giving a conservative estimate here. I don't know what monster lies within me that feeds on the adorableness of a peep-toe bootie, a pug puppy, a pair of sprinkled donut earrings, and of a perfectly cut, cobalt blue peplum dress.

So pretty much this is another fashion, health & beauty, style, relationship & love, blog. But this blog is going to be a playful, fun, and totally fab. Unlike those other blogs. Tee-hee!

How 'bout these fantastic hot pink pumps? I love me a classic shape in a poppin' color! I would totally wear these on a night out on the town, paired with an equally cute dress! :)

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