Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Couture Thrift

I grew up a poor girl, not going to lie. It's not something I try to hide and I carry my poverty with pride. Hey, I'm still poor. Not for long though, mark my words.....Anyway, I did grow up in a poor family and for a girl like me, it was hard. I loved fashion, sparkly things, glitter peacock tails, makeup palettes and everything you could buy at Icing or Claire's.

Unfortunately, it just wasn't something I could afford. There's a way out though and that is something I will always believe in. I grew up buying my threads and cool duds in garage sales, on my knees pawing through piles of clothes--some gently used, others not. Thrift shops were my go-to, the mall of america. A little pricey, but within reasonable range. Since then I've always believed in thrift couture, the possibility of shopping in the used market and still styling yourself fabulously. It's what I've done my whole life, buying here and there, a dollar a shirt, creating a fantastic wardrobe that I still posses today and loving it and where it came from with all my heart.

Not everything needs to be designer to be beautiful.

p.s--I think I might start a separate blog about my fashion acquired from thrift stores. :)

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